Who are we?

We are a few freelancers with background in computer technology and 3D design who work together to bring cool projects alive. This is a local business, you can learn more about it on www.lindobox.com.

How does it work?

Retro Lindo is powered by the Raspberry Pi small single-board computer. Within a 3D printed case and equipped with 2 controllers it plays game ROMs through emulators. It runs a custom Raspbian Operating System tweaked for retrogaming and media entertainment. It uses many open source projects to achieve that, most notably:

  • Emulation Station, by Alec Lofquist, is the interface that lets you navigate in your game library and switch between consoles.
  • Libretro handles several console emulators, manages the controllers, and offers features such as game save and rewinding.
  • Kodi is an Media entertainment hub with a powerful add-ons system.

The graphical theme ‘simple’ used by Emulation Station has been licensed to Retro Lindo by Nils Bonenberger.

All these softwares are free. You can download them and build a system yourself. The price of Retro Lindo includes the hardware, the 3D printed case, and the service of providing a plug-n-play solution.

Learn more about redistributing free software at the Free Software Foundation.

How do I add more games?

  • Over the network
  • From a USB stick
  • On the microSD card

How do I use my Xbox or Playstation controller?

Xbox controller: simply plug it! Or plug the Xbox 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver if you want to play wireless.

Playstation controller: instructions coming soon

How do I use Kodi Media Center?

Use the controller to start Kodi from the main interface and then grab your TV remote to navigate through all the medias.

Can I build my own?

Feeling adventurous? If you have a Raspberry Pi you can download our system on GitHub and set up your own retro console. Check Thingiverse.com for cool cases to 3D print.

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